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  1. Is your customer information scattered across multiple software systems (i.e. e-mail, voicemails, trading partner appointment history, event attendance, web orders, POS transactions, accounting systems, Retailer and Distributor meetings)?
  2. Are you able to use customer data to accurately segment for loyalty and targeted marketing or sales programs?
  3. Do you have relationships and interactions with other trading partners such as suppliers, business partners, or channel sales groups that are not being recorded and shared across your organization?
  4. Have you implemented your sales methodology into a software management system for performance measurement and continuous improvement?
  5. Are all your sales interactions with prospects and customers being recorded by your sales force?
  6. Do you have tools to measure the ROI of all your marketing campaigns?
  7. Can you track progress and every interaction your company has with your customers, retailers and/or distributors?
  8. Can you measure the total lifetime value of your customers?
  9. Can you measure the “trending value” of your customer segments by measuring purchase recentcy, frequency, and monetary value of their buying history?
  10. Are your software systems fully integrated?
  11. Do you have event management and tracking tools?
  12. How do you track social media conversations about your brand? Do you know how much revenue you are generating from building new social networks and the viral conversations about you?