Webfortis sells and implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 as well as proprietary products like The Winery CRM and Parrot: The Social CRM. Webfortis solutions are built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and integrated across the Microsoft product line, so they feel familiar and similar to the software you and your employees already use.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a full customer relationship management (CRM) suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities that are fast, familiar, and flexible.

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Social Media

With Parrot you can quickly and easily search, manage and market to your contacts from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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The CRM product provides a comprehensive sales, marketing, and support foundation to help companies manage their trading partners by increasing top line revenue, lowering the cost of doing business, improving brand image, and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.