A Proven Project Delivery Methodology for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Projects

At Webfortis, dedicated project managers are certified users of our Agile5D Methodology. Agile5D is built on the experience of over 450 implementations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM over a broad range of sizes and industries. Agile5D aims to provide an iterative method for delivering Dynamics CRM projects in a highly flexible, interactive, transparent, and adaptive manner. The methodology provides greater user satisfaction, better budget control, faster delivery of product, and higher user adoption.

Each week we also deliver a Project Status Summary (PSS) to clients. The PSS outlines the overall status of the client’s project, percentage completion of each milestone, recent accomplishments, project risks, and next steps and deliverables. Additionally, Webfortis tracks projects in an external SharePoint site that allows clients to see project tasks anytime through a dashboard.